CBD ECO BIO Sativa Hemp

Here you get the best BIO ECO Sativa hemp in the EU.

We have been trading with the same farmer for over 9 years. A small BIO Eco farmer who make the best we can find on the market. For us, it is incredibly important that our hemp is BIO and ECO it provide the best experience in taste and health. Our oils are also made from this hemp from our BIO farmer.

The products are sold as collectibles for the sake of the law.

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How to make a CBD Syrup out of Sativa hemp.

Take a large pot, fill it up with crushed ECO bio hemp. Then fill the pot almost completely with bottled water that you can buy in the supermarket, not water from a tap. Let the simmer cook without a lid on for 1 hour under the hood. Then take a sieve and strain all the hemp, squeeze the wet hemp so you get all the liquid. Return the liquid without hemp to the pan. Over approx. 4 hours you let the simmer boil so the water evaporates and it turns into syrup. It should be approx. like honey in thickness, be careful not to evaporate all the water. Then it becomes hard as plastic and can not use as it burns on. Then add a little silver water, so it does not get too old. It is a very organic product and gets easily too old if there is not a little silver water in it. Then put it on syringes and store it in the freezer until you need to use it.


· You can make a finer oil if you buy a filter for honey and filter it several times. First time when hemp is sifted off, 2 times when half of the water is boiled off, 3 times when 1/3 of the water is left.

· Put ½ deciliters of silver water in the pot at the end, then it works as a natural preservative, you do not need to store it in the freezer.